Location Calicut

As a Junior Software Developer at Zennode Technologies, you will work closely with our development team to design, implement, and maintain software solutions. This role provides an excellent opportunity for professional growth, hands-on experience, and mentorship from experienced developers.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Coding and Development:
    • Collaborate with senior developers to write clean, maintainable, and efficient code.
    • Contribute to the development of new features and improvements on existing software applications.
  2. Testing and Debugging:
    • Conduct unit testing and participate in code reviews to ensure high-quality code.
    • Identify and troubleshoot software defects and issues.
  3. Documentation:
    • Create and maintain technical documentation for code and software features.
    • Assist in documenting user manuals and guides.
  4. Collaboration:
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements and deliver software solutions that meet business needs.
    • Participate in team meetings and contribute ideas to improve development processes.
  5. Learning and Development:
    • Stay updated on industry trends, new technologies, and best practices.
    • Take initiative in learning new programming languages and tools.

To scrutinise the applications we are providing you a mandatory task in the following link. You are to submit your resume along with the completed task in the link to hr@zennode.com. Please note to ensure no potential candidate is missed out, we will be considering the candidates who have completed the task only.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.
  • Strong understanding of programming fundamentals and object-oriented design.
  • Experience with at least one programming language (e.g., Java, Python, C#).
  • Familiarity with software development methodologies and best practices.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.

Preferred Skills:

  • Knowledge of web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Experience with version control systems (e.g., Git).
  • Familiarity with agile development methodologies.

If you are a motivated individual with a passion for software development and a desire to grow in a dynamic environment, we encourage you to apply.

  • Experience: 0-1
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