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Plugins developed at our incubation center are now used by over 4,00,000 users

Area of Specialization

Leveraging the Ecommerce Experience

Store Upgradation Plugins

These Plugins enhance the functionality and help upgrade any basic Woocommerce store. Helps in boosting the overall performance of the store - enabling modifying the default setting and customising the product pages, checkout, shop pages and more.

Marketing Plugins

Plugins that aid in ticking the right tricks in reaching and persuading potential customers with feature-rich add-ons are probably the right companion in strategic market planning. With personalized Woocommerce emails and easy, organised checkout there are lesser chances of missing out on any valuable clients.

Store Customization

With essential plugins and innate talents, we help our users to customize their WooCommerce sites and build amazing eCommerce stores. With our coherent plugins, we have redefined the use of online platforms helping shape-up hundreds of Woocommerce stores.

Clinic Management Solution

A complete solution that administers clinics using a powerful system to manage the patient-doctor consulting, store and dispense medical records, automate appointments, for flawless functioning. With latest technology and intuitive advanced features and best UI system, it ensures a next-level clinic management solution.

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Upgrade Store

Top-rated plugins to power-up WooCommerce
Performance and Functionality

Customize WooCommerce
Checkout Fields

A Woocommerce store permits limited settings by default. You can modify and customise the checkout using a plugin.The Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin options for editing, adding to modifying and many more to better and detailed checkout page.

Customize WooCommerce
Product Fields

Product personalization delights customers. By using the plugin - Extra Product Options, it helps adding options for customers to personalise products. The shop owners can add 17+ field types to showcase various customisation options at the product page.

Show WooCommerce Products exquisitely

It's important for a store selling variable products to be precise and sharp so that there is no room for confusion for the consumers. They can easily navigate, scroll across the pages - pick - choose - purchase. The Variation Swatches for Woocommerce plugin, allows display of product variants uncluttered and user-friendly for better sales.

Marketing Plugins

Make customers who matter the most embrace your Brand and Product

Customize WooCommerce
Transactional Emails

Create, customize and send exceptional transactional emails from your WooCommerce stores to retain and delight your customers. With the perceptive analysis of user requirements and by inheriting world-class features, we created the Email customizer for the WooCommerce plugin.

Step Checkout and

With Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce plugin reclaim performance and retain customers by customizing the traditional too-long stretched out checkouts with too many fields to fill in with a perfectly organised and structured checkout process. To help significantly reduce the number of cart abandonment on Ecommerce stores.

Cloud Apps

An integrated system to manage all the aspects of a clinic

A Clinic Management Solution

We have evolved and expanded our area of expertise and stepped into the SAAS apps. We have launched a comprehensive cloud-based Clinic Management System that ensures uninterrupted Patient Management from Booking Doctor Appointments, Managing Medical records, Video Consultations, e-Prescriptions and much more.

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