Wordpress Plugin and Themes Development

Themes are the skin that enhances the look and feel of the website. The customizable settings can style it to sync with corporate color/themes. Light-weight themes are the most sought after option when it comes to website performance. ZenNode comprises a specialized team that is continuously improving the quality of the themes for better usability.

ZenNode’s team will specialize in providing an instant solution that augments the performance of a WordPress store. Scalable plug-ins would be the best choice for any WordPress blog/store. Along with scalability, what keeps a plugin on top of the list is its seamless performance. ZenNode will ensure that each plugin meets the prescribed quality standards and user requirements.

E-Commerce Implementation and Consultation

ZenNode also provides tailor-made solutions based on the customer’s store requirements. After a thorough study of the requirements, the team comes up with the most feasible execution plan. The client will be a part of all of the discussions to make sure we have a transparent process. Sharing regular updates helps the client to track the progress and put forth their valuable ideas

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