How You Can Profit from Personalizing Content on Your Ecommerce Store

9 December 2020 . 6 minute read

By Tanvin K

Personalization has become a key factor within the virtual world. Are you personalizing the content for your e-store? If not, it's high time you look at it. Consider the salespeople in the conventional retail stores, they usually observe the purchase nature of the customers and provide suggestions. This tactic usually works as these clients regularly go for repurchases to the same store instead of exploring new ones.

Personalization is developing a huge impact with regard to online purchases. Here the main challenge is to recognize the intentions of each purchase, that is the marketer’s priority these days. Once the trouble is decoded then it’s simpler to market as we are able to locate an exceptional variety of shopper’s buy intentions.

Let’s see how personalization brings in increased sales? With tailored content, the marketer has the opportunity to satisfy every customers’ wishes and demands. The records collected from the customers need to be analyzed as it should be used for effective personalization. You can see your sale numbers increase once they are put into action.

To put it simple, eCommerce personalization means creating individual offers, recommendations for products and content for each customer based totally on their past actions or purchases.


Assure A User-Friendly Store

How does your eCommerce store look? The top design of your eCommerce shop is amongst the crucial things to boost sales. If customers discover navigating to the products and records a complicated and perplexing task, they may leave the site. A terrible e-commerce store design lacks a clear proposition like its use of fonts which is also complicated and hard-to-read and the navigation function is difficult. Other than these, you must also check if you segmented your products clearly. Make sure to verify that there is good stability between text and visuals. Therefore, placing proper stability is the key to preserve the site visitors at the online stores.

A Decrease In Shopping Cart Abandoned

Some people generally tend to abandon the product leaving it inside the cart, it's considered a lost opportunity. It’s really tough to figure the sole purpose of such behavior. Unexpected price hike and product comparisons are probably a number of reasons. There are certain elements that can reinitiate the acquisition which the consumer had left behind. Follow-up with clients who have deserted the cart, offer a wishlist choice for them, ensure the consumer is not ignorant of the hidden value like the delivery charges, considering these factors will determine easy checkout of the shopping cart without product abandonment.

Increased Conversion Rate Through Personalized Outreach

A low conversion rate often indicates unsatisfied customers who leave without making any purchase. Designing your online store that provides the customers with great user experience is a key to accelerated conversion rate.

There are certain tips where you can boost the conversion rate they include:

- Provide a limited time offer
- Use social media channels to target audience
- Use email to share personalized product recommendations
- Allow customers to provide feedback

Decrease Bounce Rate Through Personalized Recommendations

The number of visitors bounced from a specific page is the bounce rate. If the site visitors did no longer discover something they are searching out on your store they leave. The bounce rate can directly affect the revenue so try to keep the visitor engaged with the information about the product they are looking for. Provide product recommendations and promo offer to reduce the risk of bounce rate.

Increased Average Order Size

There are higher chances of buying extra per visit from the buyer if we provide them with specific information that is relevant to them. Let’s consider this way - A visitor is browsing for a cellphone from our eCommerce store and he finds a pick. This is where he gets product recommendations for a mobile back cover, screen guard, SD card, etc. Before he enters the checkout page he comes across these recommendations, here there are chances for an increased order size.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Personalizing your eCommerce store will help to build a long term relationship with your customers. This can be done with the help of targeted ads, curated email messaging and landing pages which will help the visitor find the content they are looking for. Here the business focuses on being customer-centric which will, in turn, help the business improve customer satisfaction in the long run.

Personalize Your Homepage

Your homepage is the first page that your customers view when they visit your site. When your customers are at your door, how you greet them determines if they explore or not. Visitors can focus on what they are interested in and purchase without any distractions. Provide a better purchase experience for a customer which will increase your conversion rate.

If you’re gathering cookies on your e-commerce site, you know a lot about your potential clients. Why not use this information and make the best user experience for the customer who visits frequently.

Recently Viewed Items

There are times we casually browse through the store with no urge to making the purchase. This happens with most of the visitors they check out the product and it’s abandoned in the cart. While revisiting the same site it provides a section with “Recently viewed” on the homepage, which displays the products they viewed the last time. Providing a Call-To-Action to continue where we left shopping improves the uninterrupted shopping experience.

Not only recommendations but suggestions can also help the user to explore and find better options. This is a better way to discover more items from a wide range of categories which in turn benefits the store with more sales and a better conversion rate.

Send Personalized Email

Personalized emails and newsletters can be sent for the customer who has visited your site, is a simple way to generate more sales and creates a unique content marketing strategy. The content can contain attractive offers for the next purchase or FAQ for the product they purchased. Providing quality content will help to retain customers.

Mention Shoppers Previous Engagements

Another feature to boost sales is to ask the customers to review based on the previous purchase. It's obvious to get a response be it positive or a negative. If it was too good a purchase there are chances for the customer to purchase the product more than once hence creating sales.

Final Word

The ultimate aim of any eCommerce store is sales. The advanced technology has a huge impact on the socio-economical individual that possesses an ever ending desire. The sole purpose of the above-mentioned measures is to improve user trust in the long-run. Remember, you are just one of the thousands of online stores providing a personalized shopping experience to stand out from others is the only way to get noticed!

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